Machine Learning for Greater Good

We help your company explore the power of AI to benefit people and society.

What we do

We design and build tailor-made and fully-automated software that solves your business problems efficiently. With our artificial intelligence as a service offering, we provide cutting-edge technology to help you make better, data-driven decisions.

Machine learning

Machine learning

We teach machines to make predictions and recommendations, detect objects and anomalies, uncover hidden patterns, and optimize processes.

Data analytics

Our experienced data science team will extract actionable insights from your unstructured data.

Data visualization

With beautiful and expressive data visualizations our creative minds can clearly communicate the story of your data.


Are you AI ready? We can analyze your data pipelines, identify possible bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and show how to solve them.

Who we are

We are a team driven by the idea of helping people and companies explore the potential of machine learning in a meaningful and efficient way. Our values lead us to build a company that we are happy and excited to be part of.

Tuomas Tikkanen portrait

Tuomas Tikkanen

CEO, Co-founder

MSc in Signal Processing

Tuomas is a creative problem solver whose optimism and hard-working attitude has rarely stopped him from solving even the most difficult challenges. He has a strong data scientist background combined with experience from the world of bioinformatics. What motivates Tuomas is making full use of the potential of machine learning in a society to promote the well-being of people.

Hannu Hakkola portrait

Hannu Hakkola

Chief Data Scientist

MSc in Biotechnology

Hannu's work is characterized by his ambition and broad interest in various data science related subjects. Besides programming, Hannu is involved in sales, marketing and project management. He is also an avid *nix hobbyist and wants to make his workflow as efficient as possible. Hannu's formal education is in bioinformatics.

Jarmo Niemi portrait

Jarmo Niemi

Data Scientist

MSc in Applied Mathematics

Jarmo has a master's degree in applied mathematics. Additional computer science studies at Oulu University sparked Jarmo's interest in data science. His endless thirst for knowledge drives him to explore and develop intelligent solutions that make life easier in all fields where data plays a key role.

Masi Valkonen portrait

Masi Valkonen

CSO, Co-founder

MSc in Signal Processing

Masi is a quality-oriented person with a scientific approach to work. He has a solid experience in signal processing and software development, with a particular interest in the field of computer vision. When Masi is not designing new algorithms at the office, you can find him working part-time on his PhD with the focus on data science applications in cancer research.

Juho Tikkanen portrait

Juho Tikkanen

COO, Co-founder

MSc in Business and Economics

Juho has an academic background in accounting, marketing and organizational communication. He has worked with multiple brands and businesses for over a decade. He loves problem-solving involving research, analysis and critical thinking. Juho has an optimistic, can-do mindset, and he always sets the customer first.

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Our mission is to make a better world by helping companies deploy machine intelligence to benefit people and society.

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Our vision is to be a company where people can do meaningful work in a setting that supports learning and well-being.

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The values we stand for are quality, responsibility, and transparency.

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