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Let AI handle and speed up your reading and information processing

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How much time do you spend reading reports and documents?

How much time would you save if you didn’t have to deal with documents manually? Imagine finding relevant information from multiple sources automatically.

Artificial intelligence can help you to simplify and streamline your routines.

The amount of information constantly increases around us. Therefore, it is crucial to assemble this information into a compressed and understandable format. Commonly, a large amount of information needs to be summarized by just one person to assist in decision-making.

There can be a lot of source material. It takes much time to organize and combine the available information. But, it is necessary to analyze the data to find the essential information.

In a typical data processing situation, pieces of information are manually searched from multiple data sources and, when found, copied to a new document. The required information may be scattered in variable places between documents and in countless files. It is not rare that different suppliers or clients may inform the same thing in a slightly different format.

Data Science aims to build knowledge from the initial data

It is not cost-effective to create an entirely new data processing system for every demand for information. The needs in the organization may change, and building new systems is time-consuming.

The solution for more efficient data processing does not have to be a new system but easing the current process with artificial intelligence.

An AI-enhanced data processing system can extract essential information from any text faster than humans without ever getting tired of the task.

You do not need a software development team or prior knowledge or experience in artificial intelligence to utilize AI. Likewise, you do not need to radically change current business processes and workflows.

Automating even a single task with AI can bring quantifiable benefits for your business: shorten delivery times, increase market intelligence, and make working more sensible.

AI can analyze the data from reports, process descriptions, offer requests, news articles, orders, or customer feedback forms. Any text record can be the source. If you regularly read similar documents in search of information, you can probably pass the task to AI.

Examples of AI applications with text recognition:

  • Extracting information from reports
  • Recognizing components from process descriptions
  • Automatically transferring information from order requests to a database
  • Recognizing topics from news articles
  • Gathering detailed information from briefings
  • Copying order information to an ERP software
  • Identifying keywords from customer feedback

What data processing task takes the most time in your work? Let us know, and we will tell you how we can help with AI.

We are an AI company that can help you to streamline your business operations with machine learning. We build intelligent software that eases your life. Our delivery is based on scientific research, critical thinking, and constant learning. We seek comprehension and try to do our part for a better world by deploying AI to benefit people and society.

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